Future Energy Technologies goal is to drastically reduce EMISSIONS Worldwide.

The market is abuzz with new renewable and sustainable energies for the future of humanity.  There are many actors, visionaries, and companies in the forefront.  The number one priority of Future Energy Technologies is to drastically reduce emissions from all motor vehicles, power plants, and all fossil fuel applications throughout the world without major modifications.  The completion of this website is slated for summer of 2021.

Remember this name.

A unit created by Future Energy Technologies with the simple process of taking distilled water and creating a hydrogen plasma augmentation, which when injected into a cylinder with fuel creates a final burn creating mist or almost no emissions  or particulates. This is the only creation of its kind that currently can clean the inventory of emission creating devises worldwide.

Hydrogen Plasma, oh yes, it’s real and it works.

This technology has been able to contain and harness sHHO / Hydrogen Plasma.   What was once considered radical is now mainstream. The intense heat generated by this energy alone had eliminated it as an energy source until now. For the first time plasma can be created and utilized safely.  This unit will be the productive point for creating hydrogen plasma augmentation. The ending result after burn is vapor, or almost no EMISSIONS, only mist.

All the information, and technology here is solely the property of FET.  Although we can’t divulge all the details of this unit.